Best COE Renewal Service

Best COE Renewal Service Provider in Singapore

How to avail COE Renewal in Singapore?

COE is the abbreviated form of Certificate of Entitlement which is used for renewal of your old vehicle or buying a new ride altogether. Hence if you want to avail the car ownership in Singapore for ten years, then you need to renew your COE title or deregister your old vehicle. Once it is done, all the vehicle owners are required to submit their bid to a service provider who works with coe bidding system. Money Max Leasing is a financial hub that looks into COE renewal financing and car insurance in Singapore with easy repayment options.

Money Max Leasing for COE Renewal in Singapore:

Money Max Leasing is the subsidiary of Money Max Financial Services Ltd that is proud to know as a one-stop automotive solution in Singapore. Benefit their easy repayment financial plans offered for COE Renewal and car insurance if you want to own a vehicle in Singapore.

COE Renewal

They are present homegrown service providers for the people of Singapore who are functional on every first and third Monday from noon and Wednesdays working till 4 pm. Ease their services that allow the vehicle owners to witness real-time bidding results and outbid each other to check their status of COE.

So what for you are waiting for? Lift your phone and make a call on their telephone number and book an appointment from our busy schedule to get the COE title to drive your vehicle on Singapore roads. You can also visit their official website to gain more info or email them texting your message what you want from them.


Are you a resident of Singapore and looking for car ownership? Then you are at the right place! Money Max Leasing team are specialized in offering COE Renewal for your old car or help you buy a new one along with car insurance to hit the Singapore roads.

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