Tips to buy the best memory foam mattress – Different types of memory foam and facts about it

            There are a variety of foams used in sleep products these days. One such foam is memory foam. This foam is visco elastic. This makes it ideal to separate the motion and conform to the natural curves of the body.

Here are some facts and tips about the memory foam mattresses that would help the buyers at the mattress sale Washington square.

Types of memory foam

Traditional memory foam

  • Designed to give a cradling support
  • Decreases stress on the joints
  • It is not the right choice for people who like to sleep hot. This is because, it tends to absorb heat.

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Open cell Memory foam

  • It has quicker response as compared to other memory foam types
  • This is the right choice if a person wants to buy a memory foam mattress from the mattress sale Washington,but dislikes the sinking effect created by it.
  • It regulates the body temperature better than the traditional memory foam mattress as it circulates air with its open cell structure. For More Information Please Check Provided Link

Gel Memory foam

  • Out of all the memory foam mattresses, gel memory foam is the best in dispersing heat.
  • It helps to reduce pressure points

Memory foam mattress makeup

            Usually memory foam is used as a comfort layer. Because of its lesser durability it doesn’t serve as a good foundation. Also, memory foam is expensive

Why is memory foam used as top layer?

  1. Because the memory foam mattress in mattress sale Washington Squareconforms to the user’s body.
  2. Memory foam offers a comfort that is not felt with the other foam.
  3. It works well when layered along with other types and gives a reduced sinking effect.

A Stable cradle

            It is more ideal for the sleeping partner who twists and turns frequently. As it arrests the motion, the other partner gets a stable sleep. To learn more, visit a mattress sale Washington Square.

Long lasting investment

Not all mattresses are affordable. Memory foam mattresses among all are far expensive. To justify its price tag, the mattress is highly durable. It works longer than the other mattresses including natural fibers, latex mattresses, inner – spring mattresses.

Life of memory foam mattress

            Enquire about the density ratings at the mattress sale Washington Square before buying a memory foam mattress. It helps to predict the life of the mattress as follows

  • 4 lbs./ft3 and above – 8 to 12 years
  • 5 lbs./ft3 and below – 7 to 8 years
  • 6 lbs./ft3 and more – very expensive – lasts long according to the use – more than 12 years

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